Month: March 2024

Why Inclusive Families Flourish (Ep. 20)

Why Inclusive Families Flourish (Ep. 20)

Ever wondered how to create a flourishing family legacy that stands the test of time?

In this episode, Tim talks about inclusion within family legacies and financial advising. He dives into the importance of inclusion within families and businesses, sharing personal anecdotes and insights on how to navigate inclusion challenges and foster unity. He discusses the need to address diversity, equity, and inclusion from an inclusion-first perspective, drawing on experiences from different family dynamics and societal influences.

Tim discusses: 

  • The significance of starting conversations around love and acceptance within families to promote inclusivity
  • The role of all five capitals – human, intellectual, social, spiritual, and financial – in supporting a flourishing family legacy
  • Challenges faced by families in promoting inclusion and acceptance across generations in the face of societal norms
  • The impact of inclusive practices in the financial and wealth management industry on client retention and business success
  • And more


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