Luxury Travel: Planning Trips Through Travel Agents and Social Media With Kristen Oliveri (Ep. 14)

Luxury Travel: Planning Trips Through Travel Agents and Social Media With Kristen Oliveri (Ep. 14)

Is there a luxury greater than travel? Many can agree that luxury travel offers an unmatched experience. 

In this episode, Tim Volk brings back Kristen Oliveri, editor at Crain Currency, to talk about their shared passion for travel and food. They share their experiences and information about luxury travel, highlighting the importance of travel agents, safety, and pre-trip research. Kristen and Tim also discuss the advantages of traveling by ship, particularly small luxury cruises, and address safety concerns for women, LGBTQ+, and aging travelers.

Kristen talks about: 

  • Her background in journalism and wealth management
  • Their shared passion for luxury travel, food, and lifestyle
  • Her favorite cuisines and destinations, including Italy, Greece, the Caribbean, and Hawaii
  • Tips around planning for travel, including the benefits of using travel agents and social media to plan trips
  • Choosing between hotels and Airbnb accommodations
  • How to be safe while traveling and aware of the surroundings
  • The various benefits of traveling by ship, including safety, reliability, and personalized experiences
  • And more



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About our Guest: 

Kristen Oliveri, journalist and content director, has established her career in the wealth management and family office community, creating exciting content, establishing business connections, and curating high-touch, content-driven events.

Beginning as a beat reporter covering private banking, wealth management, and RIA firms, Kristen later began focusing on the ultra-high-net-worth industry and single-family offices. She specializes in B2B editorial content, curating panel discussions on pressing financial and wealth management issues, as well as crafting boutique networking events for family offices surrounding deal flow, operational issues, and family dynamics.

Complimenting her work in the family office and financial services industry, Kristen has worked as a freelance travel, food, wine, entertainment, and nutrition writer, appearing in such publications as The Daily Meal, Gluten-Free Living Magazine, New York Natives, Resident Magazine, The North Forker, Your Bella Life, Inside F&B and Fodor’s Travel. She also lends her talents to panel discussions as a travel and gluten-free expert, as well as appearing on local radio stations and videos for such sites as the Celiac Diva. 

Kristen is currently involved in working with the private wealth industry at Markets Group to connect them via content and connections. She continues to freelance in the food, travel, and luxury industries.


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